Peter Zumthor’s mining experiment

Peter Zumthor’s mining experimentFor­merly a zinc mine, the All­man­na­ju­vet canyon in Sauda, Nor­way, will soon house archi­tect Peter Zumthor’s con­cept for a museum, ser­vice facil­i­ties and rest area. Born in Basel, Switer­land, Zumthor’s port­fo­lio of more than thirty years is full of beau­ti­ful muse­ums and cul­tural sites. How­ever, the mag­i­cal spirit that exudes from the All­man­na­ju­vet site is both regal and gothic. Cur­rently under con­struc­tion, a life-size model is set-up in Saudasjøen, allow­ing for refine­ment and the appli­ca­tion of new solutions.
“To me, build­ings can have a beau­ti­ful silence that I asso­ciate with attrib­utes such as com­po­sure, self-evidence, dura­bil­ity, pres­ence, and integrity, and with warmth and sen­su­ous­ness as well; a build­ing that is being itself, being a build­ing, not rep­re­sent­ing any­thing, just being.” — Peter Zumthor
A close sec­ond for favorite Zumthor archi­tec­tural heart melter is the Kolumba, an art museum in Cologne, Germany.
“The sense that I try to instil into mate­ri­als is beyond all rules of com­po­si­tion, and their tan­gi­bil­ity, smell, and acoustic qual­i­ties are merely ele­ments of the lan­guage we are obliged to use. Sense emerges when I suc­ceed in bring­ing out the spe­cific mean­ings of cer­tain mate­ri­als in my build­ings, mean­ings that can only be per­ceived in just this way in this one build­ing.” — Peter Zumthor
We sense an Euro­pean archi­tec­tural travel expe­ri­ence is in our future. What structures have you been dying to visit? This story was originally published 28 June 2012 on the Trotter website.

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