Step into a world: From the Source, session one

If you missed the DOPE SWAN performance series From the Source last night, not only did you miss out on an opportunity to take in music from three diversely talented women, but also deprived yourself of the chance to expand your musical repertoire. In a deliberate effort to mix genres, sounds and cultures, From the Source made a clean break from the standard performance series by forcing audience members to step outside their comfort zones and gifted willing ears with the perfect opening for growing auditory ranges. Housed at small, but inviting Brooklyn watering hole Smooch Café and Wine Bar, From the Source delivered three sets as different from one another as apple pie and crème brûlée. The South African birthed voice of Yolanda Zama, backed by the beat of heart thumping djembe drums, was followed up with what can only be classified as pure acid funk from an always transforming Sarah White. Finally, wrapping up an already stellar show, mold-breaking Eagle Nebula proved what’s old is new again with her East Coast meets West Coast blend of hip-hop. From the Source proved that transculturalism is definitely the way of the world, while allowing us to experience it from our doorsteps. Do yourself a favor and infuse yourself in it.

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