What to eat in Tunisia

Most com­mon in Tunisia, Libya and Alge­ria, the hot chili sauce harissa is served with every meal, even sim­ple snacks con­sist­ing of just bread. Although the core ingre­di­ents mak­ing up this spicy condi­ment vary from kitchen to kitchen, the basic recipe is com­prised of piri piri, ser­rano and other hot chili pep­pers, gar­lic, corian­der, red chili pow­der, car­away seeds and olive oil. For those of you on the go but don’t like to skip the req­ui­site dosage of heat with your meals, pre­pared harissa is sold in jars, cans, bot­tles, tubes, plas­tic bags and other containers. In Tunisia, harissa can be found in dishes as diverse as stews made of goat, lamb or fish stewed with veg­eta­bles, or as a fla­vor­ing for cous­cous. It is also used for lablabi, a chick­pea soup usu­ally eaten for breakfast. A sucker for hot sauces from around the world, I will def­i­nitely be expe­ri­enc­ing harissa on my next jaunt through North Africa. What about you? Do you dare to go hot or do you stick with the mild?

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